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ESS Time Management             

Frequently asked questions for ESS/MSS Time Entry:

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Q. When should monthly employees enter their absences?

A. Monthly employee time is recorded for the current month; absences can be projected 6 weeks in the future.  Please see  for dates when time is due and monthly pay dates.  Monthly employees should enter absences in 1/2 day or full day increments.  If using FMLA, hour increments are permitted.

Q. When should bi-weekly and students enter their time?

A. Bi-Weekly staff and students should be entering their time on a daily basis. Doing so will prevent their time from being late when time administrators need to approve time to the payroll office.

Q. When is the Bi-Weekly and Student pay day?

A.  Please see for pay dates.

Q. How is holiday paid to part time employees?

A. Holiday pay is calculated based on your FTE % (full time equivalence). As long as you are eligible for holiday pay, you take 7.5 hours multiplied by your FTE%.

Example  FTE =  60%. (7.5 hours x 60% = 4.50 holiday hours)

Holiday hours are paid for every holiday regardless of your normal schedule. Keep in mind that the days a holiday falls on your regular scheduled day your check will be for less hours. However when a holiday falls on a regular day off your check will be for more hours.

·      The system defaults holiday hours on all BW staff employees

·      Temporary employees will not get paid these hours (7.5 hours will show on ESS timesheet)

·      Part time employees will only get paid based on their full time equivalency (7.5 hours will show on ESS timesheet however system will calculate correct hours when we run our processes)

When you approve time for BW staff, you will only be approving the actual hours they keyed in, system atomically approves holiday hours for you.

Checks and Direct Deposits

Q. I am a new employee; when will I receive my first paycheck?

A. Bi-Weekly employees are paid 2 weeks behind.  Depending on your start date it may take up to a month to receive your first pay check.

Q. How do I get my check if I don't direct deposit?

A. If you choose not to have direct deposit, your check is mailed from NKU on pay date to your home address. Checks that are lost in the mail will not be reissued until 7 business days after it was originally mailed.

Q. How long does it take for my direct deposit to go into effect?

A. Direct Deposit Authorization forms are due to HR/Payroll 10 days prior to payday to become effective with the next payroll. Please be aware that your bank has until midnight on payday to post your direct deposit.

Q. When should by deposit be in my account?

A. Direct Deposit is sent to the bank with our pay date as the effective date. Banking institutes have till midnight on pay date to deposit the funds into your account. DO NOT ASSUME THE FUNDS WILL BE THERE PRIOR TO PAY DATE.

Employee Self Service

Q. Where can I go to access my pay stub and what is my password?

A. You will need to access our Employee Self Service at Your user name and password is the same you use to log into the computers here on campus.

Q. Can I access my pay stub from any computer?

A. Yes.


Q. How do I change my marital status and/or my exemptions withheld for Federal or State income tax?

A. In order to update any tax withheld you will need to fill out a new Federal and/or State tax form and return the completed form to payroll.  Payroll will need that form 10 days prior to payday for it to be effective with the next payroll.

Q.  Why is TIAA and/or my 401K plan is not showing in box 14 of my W2 form?

A.  Box 14 is not a mandated field on the W2 form.

Q. When will I receive my previous year's W2 form?

A. W2s will be post marked no later than January 31st for the previous year. Reprints requested to be mailed will require employee to e-mail a photo id. Requests for pick up will require a photo id be shown at the payroll office. W2’s will not be e-mailed or faxed.