Employee Self Service Time

General Reminders and Reference Information

All biweekly staff and students should enter time on a daily basis. This will prevent timesheets from being late for the approval process and releasing time to payroll by specific deadlines.

 • Refer to the payroll calendars for specific dates and times to meet payroll deadlines.

 • Remember that time reporting does not work with all browser and operating system combinations - supported combinations can be found on the myNKU Help and Reference website, along with a conditions and exceptions list for specific functions.

FAQ Sheet and Best Practices List

These links will provide you with some helpful answers as well as when to run reports. 

The link to the Time Management FAQs document is: http://mynkuhelp.nku.edu/content/dam/mynkuhelp/docs/hcm/HR200/FAQ_HR_ESS_MSS_Time_Management_v1.pdf

The link to the Time Reporting Best Practices document is: http://mynkuhelp.nku.edu/content/dam/mynkuhelp/docs/hcm/HR200/BP_HR_MSS_Time_Reporting_Timeline_v1.pdf


Quick Reference links and videos

ESS: http://mynkuhelp.nku.edu/tabbased/ess1.html

MSS: http://mynkuhelp.nku.edu/tabbased/mss1.html


Training for Time administrators

myNKU HR 200 Time Administrator Is Now Available as a Self-Enrolled Online Course
The myNKU HR 200 Time Administrator training workshop is now available as a self-enrolled online course, so you can complete this training at your own pace when and where it is convenient for you. Please follow these self-enrollment instructions to take the course, and contact Eileen Baker (bakerei@nku.edu) if you have questions.