Forms for Newly Hired Faculty & Staff



New Hire Packet

The link above contains all of the forms listed below.  You may print the entire packet, or simply print the individual form(s) below that apply to your individual situation.

Individual Forms:

Employee Information

Personal and contact information is necessary to activate employees in our system.

Dependent Information

The dependent information is used to present pricing and coverage options for which you may be eligible.

Form I-9

Please complete section 1 only.  You are required to bring a printed copy of this form along with the appropriate documentation to establish your identity and authorization to work within the United States to the Office of Human Resources in Lucas Administrative Center 708.  Page 3 of this form provides a listing of acceptable documents.  Human Resources will review, verify, and certify your document(s).

Form W-4*

Form W-4 is completed so that NKU can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay. 

Voluntary Invitation to Self-Identify

Disclosure of this information is not mandatory, but your participation would be greatly appreciated.  You may inform us of your desire to benefit under NKU's affirmative action programs at this time and/or at any time in the future.  If you do not wish to self-identify at this time, please complete the top section (name and ID/SSN) so that we can confirm that you have been provided the opportunity to self-identify.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

If desired, this form provides the information needed to establish direct deposit of your NKU paycheck into your checking or savings bank account.

State and City Tax Forms:*

These tax withholding forms instruct NKU to withhold the correct state and/or city income tax from your pay.  If you do not live in Kentucky, Ohio, or Indiana, please complete the Kentucky tax withholding form.  Otherwise, complete the form according to your permanent address.

All newly hired faculty and staff must complete one of the following state tax forms:

Kentucky Tax Withholding Form K-4

Ohio Tax Withholding Form IT-4

Indiana Tax Withholding Form WH-4

Newly hired faculty and staff living within the Cincinnati city limits may complete this local tax form:
Cincinnati Tax Withholding Authorization

*Tax Form Hints:

  • As the number of exemptions you claim on a tax withholding form increases, the less tax is withheld from your pay.  If too little tax is withheld, you may owe more when you file your annual tax return.  To have more tax withheld, you may choose to enter zero (0) or request a specific additional amount to be withheld.  For further information, please refer to the instructions on the form or consult your tax advisor.
  • It may be helpful to complete new forms each year, or when your personal and/or financial situation changes (for example, a change in eligible dependents or a change in spouse’s income).
  • If you move in or out of one of these localities (for example, moving from Ohio to Kentucky), you need to complete a new form.
  • For additional information regarding taxes, please contact one of the Payroll Specialists listed on the HR staff contact list.