Position Classification & Pay Grades

E 2.1 - Purpose

The Human Resources Department is responsible for maintaining the university's position classification system. The purpose of this system is the establishment of appropriate relationships between positions and ranges of compensation.

E 2.2 - Classification assignment

Assignment to a particular classification and pay grade will be accomplished through a review conducted by the Human Resources Department. Factors evaluated include: difficulty of duties, level of responsibility, working conditions, and the education, training, experience, and skills required in the position. Work load and volume of work are not included in the evaluated factors.

E 2.3 - Pay grades

Each classified position will be assigned to a pay grade.

E 2.4 - Base rate

The base rate represents the minimum of the pay range. The base rate is normally starting rate for a new employee, however, starting salaries may be adjusted based upon Section E 3. It may also be the rate at which a current employee starts upon promotion into a new classification and pay grade.

E 2.5 - General increases

The base rate for each pay grade will be increased by the amount of the general increase whenever general increases are granted.