Terminal Vacation

F 4.1 - Using accumulated vacation 

Employees who anticipate termination due to resignation, retirement, reduction in force, reorganization, etc., or who anticipate moving to a position not providing vacation/annual leave (i.e. staff to academic year faculty) should use all accumulated vacation/annual leave prior to the effective date of such action.

F 4.2 - Ineligible employees

Employees who are involuntarily terminated for reasons of misconduct or who fail to provide two (2) weeks notice prior to voluntary termination are not eligible for terminal vacation/annual leave pay.

F 4.3 - Payment for vacation  

If approval is granted to pay terminal vacation/annual leave, payment will be equal to the amount of vacation/annual leave an employee has accumulated as of the last day of employment. In no case will payment for terminal vacation/annual leave exceed the accrual rate which can be accrued in
twelve(12) months. The maximum terminal vacation/annual leave that can be paid is as follows:

  • Administrators -- 20 days maximum paid.

  • Professional/Managerial Exempt -- 15 days maximum paid; 20 days maximum paid if employee has over 9 years of employment.

  • Office/Clerical/Technical, Service/Maintenance Non-Exempt -- 12 days maximum paid; 15 days maximum paid if employee has over 4 years employment; 20 days maximum paid if employee has over 9 years employment.

  • Part-time -- Based on FTE for the position.

F 4.4 - Holidays not included

In accordance with Section F 3, terminal vacation/annual leave pay, when granted, will not include payment for holidays occurring during the terminal vacation period.

F 4.5 - Death or retirement

In the event of employee death, the final salary payment will include payment for accrued vacation/annual leave up to the maximum allowed for the terminal vacation/annual leave.

In the event an employee retires, an option will be provided to transfer the terminal vacation/annual leave to the employee’s temporary medical disability leave allowance. The maximum amount transferred will be limited by the maximum paid amount, refer to Section F 4.3 above.

F 4.6 - Probationary period  

Staff members who have not successfully completed the initial probationary period prior to the last day of employment will not be eligible for terminal vacation/annual leave pay.

F 4.7 - Rate of pay

Terminal vacation/annual leave shall be paid at the employee's rate of pay as of the last day of employment which is the last day worked and will be paid on the next regular pay cycle of the employee.

F 4.8 - Last day of employment

For purposes of this section, the last day of employment will be the termination date as indicated on the staff member's terminating Personnel Action Request (PAR) which is the last day worked. For employees moving to positions which do not provide vacation/annual leave, the date of termination from the current staff position will be considered as the last day of employment.

F 4.9 - Extension requires approval

Terminating employees may not extend their last working day to encompass a holiday unless approved by the major department head because of extenuating circumstances.

F 4.10 - Grant and contract employees ineligible

Grant and contract employees are not eligible for terminal vacation/annual leave as grants/contracts provide no funds for such payments.