Emergency Closing / Severe Weather

The intent of this policy (revised and approved Jan. 26, 2000) is to compensate employees for scheduled hours that would otherwise be unpaid due to the closing of university operations. It is not the intent of the policy to pay additional compensation above and beyond the employees' normal scheduled hours for the day of the full or partial closing.  An exception is made for employees who are required to work during a closing and considered "essential personnel" for pay purposes.

F 11.1 - Policy statement

It is the policy of the university to continue all normal operations during periods of inclement weather or unusual circumstances, except when the most severely adverse conditions exist.

F 11.2 - Severe weather options

In the event of severe weather or unusual circumstances, a decision on options will be made by the president with advice from the Vice President of the Administration and Finance Department. A separate decision for the Chase Law School will involve the dean of the law school. Options include:

  • Complete cancellation of classes and the closing of all business and administrative offices

  • Cancellation of classes only

  • Delaying of the start of both classes and other operations

  • Early closure of both operations and classes. Closings will be determined individually for each campus.

F 11.3 - Late for work allowances

When adverse weather conditions could generally be expected to cause some employees to be late for work, reasonable judgement is to be exercised on the part of both employees and supervisors relative to on-time requirements. Authority for granting allowances for unique travel problems rests with the supervisors and department heads.

F 11.4 - Essential personnel

Because various critical operations such as facilities management or public safety require staffing at all times, certain "essential personnel" will need to work although the rest of the university may be closed.

The number of "essential personnel" necessary may depend on whether the emergency situation occurs during a student vacation period or during a semester or summer session when classes are in progress.

Employees deemed "essential personnel" may vary depending on the particulars of the situation.  It is the responsibility of the department head to determine who the "essential personnel"are, to inform them of their obligations, and to insure they are able to be at work when needed. Essential personnel should be noted as such on the time sheet for the emergency period.

F 11.5 - Compensation for emergency closing

Compensation to employees when the university is closed for a full or partial work day encompasses the period of scheduled time worked from the beginning of the employee’s shift on the day of the closing to the beginning of the employee’s shift when university operations open again.

F 11.5 A - Non-exempt employees who are other than those deemed as ‘essential personnel’ and are not required to work, or who arrive at work and are subsequently dismissed, shall receive their regular pay for (the full number of hours normally worked) their scheduled work hours only if these scheduled work hours fall during the time frame that included the closing. If the employee was not scheduled to work during the hours of the emergency closing, no additional pay or compensatory time off will be granted. All time cards and absence records are to be marked as "Emergency Closing" with the appropriate dates and hours indicated.

F 11.5 B - Non-exempt "essential personnel" who are required to work during a period of emergency shall be paid at the regular straight-time rate for the hours worked during the hours the university is closed. In addition, they shall either be credited with equivalent compensatory time off, on an hour-for-hour basis or be paid an additional amount, at the straight-time rate, for the hours worked, if those hours were worked during the time the university was closed. The decision to allow compensatory time time off or make additional payment is reserved to the department head, giving consideration to staffing needs and budgetary constraints.

F 11.5 C - Temporary staff employees will not receive compensation for university emergency closings.  However, if temporary employees work during an emergency closing, they shall be paid normal wage rate for each hour worked during the affected closing times.

F 11.5 D - Those employees on vacation, temporary disability/sick or special leave will not be entitled to the provisions of this policy.

F 11.5 E - No additional compensation shall be granted to exempt employees who are required or permitted to work during an emergency closing (full or partial day)

F 11.6 - Calculating total hours

All hours worked by non-exempt employees when the university is closed for reasons of emergency will be included in calculating total hours worked and count towards overtime (time and one half) pay calculations during the work week (See Section D 2). Hours not worked but paid as emergency closing hours are excluded from this calculation.