NKU Benevolent Association: A Helping Hand for Employees


In 1994, employees in the Physical Plant Department collected money to assist a co-worker who was afflicted with a terminal illness.  The worker’s benefits were nearly exhausted and the funds were designated to pay future health insurance premiums. After the employee passed away, the remaining funds were left with the Benefits Manager in Human Resources to address similar emergencies in the future.

On several occasions fellow employees have responded to the short-term needs of individuals (and their spouses or dependents) who were similarly affected by unforeseen events or debilitating illnesses.  It was recommended that a committee be put in place to address these issues.  In the spring of 1995, it was recommended that an NKU Benevolent Association be formed. Today, the Benevolent Association has expanded and is able to assist all NKU employees and their families. 

Mission Statement

The association’s mission is to provide sustenance to NKU employees who are experiencing changing life circumstances in need of a helping hand. 


The association’s objective is to provide support to fellow NKU employees during time of special need, such as catastrophic illness or other types of emergencies  The association’s goal is not to compete with departmental or individual efforts but to support and supplement such efforts of compassion, caring and respect for personal dignity by helping employees in need. 

Who are the members?

The seven faculty and staff members of the association are appointed by the president of the university and can serve up to a three-year term.  There are also two permanent ex-officio members. 


Funding relies on voluntary contributions.  The NKU Benevolent Association sponsors fundraisers throughout the year to raise money and contributions can be designated to the Benevolent Association through the annual Campus Campaign. 

How can I make a donation?

All monetary contributions are tax deductible in accordance with the NKU Foundation’s non-profit status and are used for additional assistance.  Donations of sick time are always needed and accepted. 

Requests for assistance

Financial assistance is made possible through the benevolence of NKU employees and others.  Requests for assistance are to be submitted in writing with the application form to the NKU Benevolent Association in care of the Benefits Office, Room 708, Lucas Administrative Center. 

Eligibility requirements

One must be an NKU employee defined as a regular full-time, part-time or contract faculty or staff member who have successfully completed their probation period and must not have received assistance in the proceeding 12 months. 


All information about anyone requesting or receiving funds in strictly confidential.

Additional Information

Cash donations and dollars raised during special events are used for cash assistance for employees. Donations of hours are used on an hour-for-hour basis (no dollars involved).  So an exempt employee’s eight hours are equal to a non-exempt employee’s eight hours.